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Duties of the Erie County Engineer

John D. Farschman, P.E., P.S., Erie County Engineer


  • Graduate of Ohio Northern University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering (B.S.C.E.)

Employment History

  • Erie County Engineer - 1997 to present
  • Senior Project Manager - Barton Malow Construction Services 1990-1996
  • Vice President Construction - Feick Contractors 1986-1989
  • Construction Engineer - Bechtel Civil 1983-1985
  • Senior Project Manager - Bay Construction 1965-1981
  • Project Engineer - J.A. Jones Construction Co. 1961-1964 

Duties of Erie County Engineer

  • Provide leadership and direction to an office staff, an equipment maintenance force and our field forces.
  • Maintain approximately 140.08 miles of county roads and associated roadway drainage systems within nine townships, 130 bridges, approximately 655 culverts, and additionally including snow and ice removal.
  • Review subdivision plans, prepare construction plans (roadway, bridges and culverts), and perform inspections to ensure compliance with applicable State, County and Federal regulations and specifications.
  • Design and construct and/or contract roadway and drainage structures and provide similar engineering services for each of the townships.
  • Pursue and obtain State and Federal funding for County highway and bridge projects to maximize and stretch the use of our tax dollars.
  • Maintain approximately 58.2 miles of petitioned County open ditches and 47.2 miles of drainage pipe (closed ditches) and approximately 1,320 feet of dike.
  • Staff and administer operations of the County Tax Mapping Office.