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Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

Coordinating the short range Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) represents one of the ECRCP’s major responsibilities as the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for the Sandusky Urbanized Area. The TIP provides a four-year prioritized listing of a bikeway/pedestrian walkway, bridge, and highway projects utilizing federal funding.

States or local government authorities, private non-profit organizations, or operators of public transportation that receive a grant indirectly through a recipient can apply. Applications from these agencies are submitted to the ECRCP as requests for federal funding. The application may be downloaded from our “downloadable documents” page on this website. Most local and state projects must be programmed in the TIP to be eligible to receive federal transportation monies. The Annual Element of the TIP list projects which are expected to be ready for implementation during upcoming fiscal years.

To be eligible for a TIP project, at least one of the below Moving Ahead for Process in the 21st Century (MAP-21) Metropolitan Planning Factors must be met:


  1. Safety - To achieve a significant reduction in traffic fatalities and serious injuries on all public roads.
  2. Infrastructure Condition - To maintain the highway infrastructure asset system in a state of good repair.
  3. Congestion Reduction - To achieve a significant reduction in congestion on the National Highway System.
  4. System Reliability - To improve the efficiency of the surface transportation system.
  5. Freight Movement and Economic Vitality - To improve the national freight network, strengthen the ability of rural communities to access national and international trade markets, and support regional economic development.
  6. Environmental Sustainability - To enhance the performance of the transportation system while protecting and enhancing the natural environment. 
  7. Reduced Project Delivery Delays - To reduce project costs, promote jobs and the economy, and expedite the movement of people and goods by accelerating project completion through eliminating delays in the project development and delivery process, including reducing regulatory burdens and improving agencies' work practices.

*Highlighted Projects indicate Transportation Alternative Projects

*Also Note that MPO Funds Requested are typically 80% of the total project cost, unless Jurisdiction requests less than the specified 80%.

SFY 2017

Jurisdiction Project Location Project Description MPO
City of Huron
US 6/Fabens Park
Entrance modification off US 6
City of Sandusky
Signage Program


City of Vermilion Nine signal locations along Liberty Avenue
Signal upgrades
City of Huron US 6 bridge
Bridge parapet painting
$90,000 TA
City of Huron Main Street (US 6 - Wall Street) Resurfacing, realignment and streetscaping $500,000  
Erie County Engineer/Perkins Township Campbell Street (Marshall - Perkins Ave.) Resurfacing $304,000  

SFY 2018

Jurisdiction Project Location Project Description MPO
Erie County Engineer/Perkins Township
Strub Rd./Columbus Ave. Resurfacing and sidewalk installation
along Strub Rd.


City of Huron
Berlin Road/US 6
Roundabout $350,000

SFY 2019

Jurisdiction Project Location Project Description MPO
City of Vermilion
Vermilion Road
Phase 1 - Resurfacing

SFY 2020

Jurisdiction Project Location Project Description MPO
City of Vermilion Vermilion Road
Phase 2 - Resurfacing