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Monthly Landfill Accounts

How To Set Up A Monthly Landfill Account

Do you find yourself making multiple trips to the Erie County Sanitary Landfill each month? If so, it may be beneficial to set up a monthly Landfill account. This prevents you from having to pay cash each visit. In order to qualify for a landfill account, you need to have good credit references. There is a monthly minimum of $50.00. Example: If you took one load in for the month and that load was for $30.00 you would be charged $50.00 for the month. Also, you need to fill out a Monthly Landfill Application (PDF, 161KB)

Once you have completed your application and it is approved, you can visit the Erie County Sanitary Landfill as many times as you need over the course of the month. You will receive a statement at the beginning of the month with a summary of the charges. You have until the end of that same month to submit payment.