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Material Response

Hazardous Materials are classified as any substance, man-made or natural, that, in sufficient quantities pose an undue threat to health or to the environment. This could be anything from gasoline, motor oil, or diesel fuel, to some really nasty chemicals with names as long as an interstate highway. 

Whereas most of these substances have a practical purpose in our daily lives, we must ensure that they are disposed of properly. We must also ensure that when accidental or intentional release of these substances into the environment is made, their impact is minimal.

In order to effectively respond to these releases, the Agency has developed a Chemical Emergency Response Plan and established a Hazardous Materials Response Team. The plan is updated annually and is coordinated with the State of Ohio. 

The Haz Mat Team is comprised 25 individuals. These individuals are appointed to the team by their respective fire chiefs and are all volunteers. The Haz Mat Team Coordinator and the EMA Director handle day-to-day activities. The team meets on a bi-monthly basis for information and training.

In 2010, our agency responded to over 34 incidents involving fuel spills, mercury releases and pick-ups, and other chemicals.  We also conducted a Hazardous Materials Tabletop exercise at the Ohio Veterans Home.