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With the grain crop harvest in full swing, the rut starting, and hunters taking to the field, deer movement has increased dramatically along with the chances of your involvement in a deer/motor vehicle traffic crash.   Please use caution when driving throughout the county, particularly in the rural areas and during the time periods around dawn or dusk.   Please slow down and be prepared to stop in areas where you may be used to seeing deer, but be mindful that deer will be very unpredictable and may cross in front of your vehicle without warning.   If you see one deer crossing the road, be prepared for other deer to follow.

If a deer suddenly appears in front of your vehicle, try not to swerve to avoid a collision.   Sudden swerving can cause you to lose control of your vehicle, resulting in a crash with another motor vehicle or a fixed object along the roadway that may cause far more serious damage than if you had struck only the deer.   If you are involved in a collision and your vehicle is operable, please move it well off of the roadway if possible, preferably into the nearest driveway or other suitable area to prevent being struck by another vehicle.   If your vehicle is inoperable and is in the roadway or on the berm, please make your vehicle as visible as possible by activating its emergency warning flashers.   If you are going to remain seated in your vehicle, please keep your seat belt fastened.   Call 911 and help will be immediately sent to you.   When making that call for assistance, be prepared to let the dispatcher know your location and the extent of any injuries to persons in your vehicle. 

Thanks for your continued efforts to drive safely and prevent traffic crashes!




The primary mission of the Erie County Sheriff's Office is to provide the
citizens of - and visitors to - Erie County with the most efficient, effective,
and professional law enforcement services possible in our ongoing efforts to protect life and property.

As a contemporary law enforcement agency, the Erie County Sheriff's Office
has developed organizational policies and procedures to guide agency employees in their efforts to prevent crime and disorder and to ensure that individual civil liberties are protected.

Watch a video outlining some of the duties of the Sheriff in Ohio, courtesy of Buckeye State Sheriff's Assocation. 



Sheriff Paul A. Sigsworth  


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