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Deputies Alexis Harvey and Ben Sargent Honored for Lifesaving Efforts

Deputies Alexis Harvey and Ben Sargent were recently presented with Buckeye State Sheriff's Association Lifesaving Awards for their efforts in saving the life of Sally Tracht, a Berlin Township resident.   On April 28, 2015, Ms. Tracht sustained a severe laceration to her arm.   Deputies Harvey and Sargent arrived at Ms. Tracht's home and were able to apply a tourniquet and a blood clotting agent, stopping further loss of blood.   Rick Shields, Operations Manager for North Central EMS, indicated in a letter to Sheriff Sigsworth commending Deputies Harvey and Sargent, " . . . if it had not been for the quick action of your Deputies, this patient may very likely have died from the massive blood loss.   You should be proud to have these individuals working for your department, and they are to be commended for the life saving actions they provided that day."   Congratulations to Deputies Harvey and Sargent for a job well done!



Pictured are Ms. Tracht, Deputies Harvey and Sargent, and Sheriff Sigsworth.


      copy0603_lifesaving3.jpg             copy0603_lifesaving2.jpg





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