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Crime Prevention

Crime prevention is often defined as a pattern of attitudes and behaviors directed both at reducing the threat of crime and enhancing the sense of safety and security to positively influence the quality of life in communities and help develop environments where crime cannot flourish.

With that in mind the Erie County Sheriff's Office together with the EHOVE Joint Vocational School have partnered with the Ohio Office of Criminal Justice Services and developed a Student Resource Officer Program at EHOVE. The program emphasizes the crime prevention attitude by placing a sworn Deputy Sheriff in the school for 40 hours a week. This is felt to be the most grass roots means available to use in getting a Deputy Sheriff in the educational setting. This program provides the staff, faculty and student body the opportunity to meet and interact with the Deputy Sheriff in a non confrontational atmosphere to learn, so to speak, whom the officer is behind the badge. The Deputy Sheriff acts as a deterrent to crime in the campus buildings and surrounding campus areas through his mere presence and develops positive relationships with the students, faculty and staff. The Deputy Sheriff provides classroom instruction and information to the students, faculty and staff concerning the law and law enforcement topics.