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Domestic Relations Forms

Form 1.00 (PDF, 333KB) Affidavit of Indigency for Courts Costs
Form 1.10 (PDF, 127KB) Information Form
Form 2.00 (PDF, 1.28MB) Application, Instructions, Financial Disclosure
Form 3.00 (PDF, 226KB) Judgment Entry of Injunctions
Form 4.00 (PDF, 367KB) Request for Temporary Orders
Form 5.00 (PDF, 9.80MB) Financial Disclosure Affidavit
Form 6.00 (PDF, 195KB) Child Custody Affidavit
Form 7.00 (PDF, 4.53MB) Pretrial Statement and Settlement Proposal
Form 7.10 (PDF, 1.68MB) Case Management Conference Order
Form 8.00 (PDF, 6.20MB) Motion and Affidavit to Show Cause
Form 8.10 (PDF, 245KB) Motion and Affidavit to Modify
Form 9.00 (PDF, 1.32MB) Request for Home Investigation
Form 10.00 (PDF, 832KB) Notice of Filing ECCP
Form 10.10 (PDF, 255KB) Request for Copy of Recording of Proceedings
Form 10.20 (PDF, 301KB) Judgment Entry for Recordings of Proceedings
Form 10.30 (PDF, 180KB) Waiver of Objections to Magistrate’s Decision
Form 12.00 (PDF, 1.23MB) Health Care Expense Worksheet
Form 13.00 (PDF, 1.32MB) Notice of Intent to Relocate
Form 13.10 (PDF, 167MB) Waiver of Receipt and Hearing on Notice of Intent to Relocate
Form 13.20 (PDF, 163KB) Judgment Entry Permitting Service of Notice of Intent to Relocate
Form 13.30 (PDF, 248KB) Judgment Entry Prohibiting Service
Form 14.00 (PDF, 888KB) Order for Paternity Testing
Form 15.00 (PDF, 1.13MB) Waiver of Paternity Testing and Legal Rights
Form 16.00 (PDF, 1.62MB) Paternity Testing Information
Form 17.00 (PDF, 1.01MB) Suggested Language for Child Support Orders
Form 18.00 (PDF, 628KB) Required Language for Deviations for Child Support Purposes
Form 20.00 (PDF, 1.08MB) Motion to Modify Civil Protection Order
Form 20.01 (PDF, 1.82MB) Notice of Hearing
Form 20.02 (PDF, 1.04MB) Judgment Entry to Modify Civil Protection Order
Form 20.03 (PDF, 489KB) Motion to Dismiss CPO
Form 20.04 (PDF, 929KB) Judgment Entry to Dismiss CPO