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Steven C. Bechtel

  • Magistrate for The Honorable Roger E. Binette
  • Primary Responsibility (Civil)
  • 1983, J.D. Ohio State University, College of Law
  • Clerk - Judge Earl Stephenson, Fourth District Court of Appeals
  • Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, Franklin County, Ohio 1985-1989
  • Associate, Murray & Murray 1989 - January 22, 2007

Steve’s primary responsibility is managing the Court’s Civil cases. On a daily basis, Steve conducts Case Management Conferences, Settlement Conferences, and manages the motions, which are filed with the Court. As of 2007, he has conducted numerous Bench and Jury Trials as consented to by all parties involved in those cases. Steve efficiently manages the Court’s civil caseload and has implemented various procedures to help ensure that those cases are resolved in a timely manner. Additionally, he conducts emergency Civil Protection Order Hearings, Civil Stalking Protection Order Hearings, Criminal Probable Cause Hearings for Probation Violations, and Arraignments on felony cases.

Recently, the number of Case Management Conferences/Settlement Conferences he conducts has grown substantially as a result of the Court’s policy on handling residential foreclosures. All such cases get scheduled for a Settlement/Case Management Conference within 120 days of the filing of the complaint. The purpose of these hearings is to determine whether alternatives to foreclosure exist, facilitate communication between the lender/note holder and the homeowner, and assisting in accomplishing alternatives. This new procedure has resulted in a significant number of cases resolving with loan modifications, forbearance plans, and other alternatives to foreclosure. This procedure has resulted in many Erie County citizens not losing their homes, and thereby ‘saving their dream’.