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Intake Department

The function of the Intake Department is to review all juvenile complaints with the exception of juvenile traffic complaints. The Intake Department also prevents youth who exhibit unruly or incorrigible behavior from officially entering the court system. In addition, youth that meet certain criteria and are charged with their first misdemeanor offense are referred to the Court's Diversion Program. Informal hearings are also used to divert youth when appropriate.

The Intake Supervisor meets with the parents and/or guardians and the youth when the parents/guardians request to file unruly charges. An in-depth interview is completed and, if possible, referral is made to other social service or mental health agencies, and the youth is warned that continuation of unruly behavior will lead to court intervention and the possible consequences of such intervention. If, however, the situation warrants immediate court action, a complaint charging unruly behavior is prepared and signed by the parent or guardian.

The Intake Supervisor interviews and completes an assessment on all non-probation youth placed in the Detention Center.

The Intake Supervisor coordinates with the interstate compact office regarding runaway or delinquent youth from other states.

The Intake Supervisor holds informal hearings regarding students who are truant or have behavioral problems at school. The Attendance Officer, the principal of the school, the parents or guardian and the youth, attends these hearings. At this time the problem is discussed in an attempt to reach a solution. The youth, parent or guardian are told that charges will be filed if the truancy or misbehavior continues.

The school systems participating in this program are: Berlin-Milan, Perkins, Margaretta, Huron, Ehove Vocational, Vermilion and St. Mary's Central Catholic.