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Community Service/ Restitution

The Community Service/Restitution Program has been active since June 1987. The goal of the program is to make youth responsible for their behavior and to reimburse victims for personal or property damage.

In the Community Service Program the youth are assigned work hours, ranging from fifteen to fifty hours, depending on the severity of the offense. The youth can earn credit of five hours for being involved in extra-curricular activities at school or working at a regular job. This feature adds a positive note to the program and encourages the youth to become involved in the community. There is no identified victim in the Community Service Program.

In the Restitution Program, victims are compensated up to $500 for any damages owed to them. The number of restitution hours is set according to the amount of monetary damages owed. The youth are paid $5.25 an hour working at non-profit work sites. Upon completion of the assigned hours, a check is issued and sent directly to the victim.

Each youth is asked to read and sign a behavior contract which includes the rules and guidelines of the program. Failure to follow this contract can result in the following: letter of violation, contempt, or violation of court order.

The Court uses volunteer help throughout Erie County.  These job sites include:

  • Adams School
  • Venice School
  • Jackson School
  • Vermilion Street Department
  • Mills School
  • Margaretta Fire Department
  • Ontario School
  • Erie Metro Housing
  • Campbell School
  • Lutheran Memorial Home
  • Madison School
  • Briarfield of Sandusky
  • Barker School
  • Ohio Veterans Home
  • Hancock School
  • Catholic Cemeteries of Sandusky
  • Sandusky High School
  • Vermilion Intermediate School
  • Perkins High School
  • Care and Share
  • Briar School
  • Osborn Park
  • Furry School
  • Victory Temple Kitchen
  • Meadowlawn School
  • Perkins Highway Department
  • Lucy Idol School
  • Huron Health Care Center
  • Vermilion High School
  • Kingston of Vermilion
  • Vermilion Intermediate School
  • Sandusky State Theatre
  • Sailorway School
  • Shawnee School
  • South St. School
  • Pemberville Boys Ranch
  • Holy Angels School

The youth are asked to assist the supervisor on the job site in the following ways: sweep floors, mop floors, empty trash, wash windows and desks, pick up litter, play checkers with residents, read to residents. Other job responsibilities are to sort clothes, peel potatoes, make cookies, pull weeds and rake. Youth also shovel snow and sweep sidewalks. The volunteer supervisors influence youth positively with their caring and concern. They give the youth compliments and support during the time that they are supervising them. This program serves the victim, the youth and the community.