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Home Detention

Home Detention is a contractual form of home supervision characterized by strict house arrest, intense monitoring for compliance with these rules and appropriate sanctions for violations. Youth are admitted into the program in lieu of remaining in the Detention Center pending further court action. Youth placed on Home Detention are allowed to live at home, attend school, work and attend court ordered programs.

Youth are ordered to Home Detention by way of a court order from the Judge, Magistrate or from the Intake Department.

There are two aspects to the program - House Arrest and Curfew. During House Arrest the youth must remain on his or her property at all times except for court approved activities.

Curfew means the youth may be away from the home without supervision. However, the parents must approve and know the youth's whereabouts at all times. Further, the youth must be in the home at a time set by the Court.

Probation Monitoring

Monitoring is another aspect of the Home Detention Program. Youth on monitoring are seen frequently to measure their behavior on House Arrest, Curfew, or compliance with probation rules. Youth are monitored in the late evening hours as well as on weekends and holidays. Contacts are also made with the youth's parents, school and agencies that are seeing the youth.

Electronic Monitoring

Youth are placed on electronic monitoring by the Judge or Magistrate rather than remaining in the Detention Center pending adjudication. The youth is equipped with an ankle bracelet and a transmitter is attached to their home telephone. Violations are instantly reported to the Home Detention Staff.