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Thinking Errors

Juvenile Thinking Errors

The Juvenile Thinking Errors Program was started in July 1997 with the purpose of introducing and exploring the concept of thinking errors.

The intent of this program is to establish the individual as being solely responsible for his/her decisions. It identifies errors in thinking and suggests ways for the participant to correct them. It also discusses reasons why the participants might want to change their way of thinking by talking about "who is being affected" and "in what ways."

Participants are required to keep a journal from the beginning to the end of the program. Each session is a compilation of discussions, worksheets and videos. The worksheets are used to make up the journal and the participants are encouraged to keep and use the journal for future reference.

Groups are conducted Monday through Thursday; times may vary. Trained court staff facilitates each group. The group is gender specific with an average of ten youth per group. The participants are referred through probation and the Court, with the probation staff monitoring the participants' progress throughout the entire program.

Adult Thinking Errors

The Adult Thinking Errors Program was developed in August 1998. The program serves the parents of youth on probation or adults are seen on a charge of contributing to the delinquency/unruliness of a minor in Erie County Juvenile Court.

The Adult Thinking Errors Program addresses two needs. The adults who have thinking errors are exposed to identifying and correcting the errors. The parents of youth exhibiting a pattern of thinking errors benefit from learning about the problems. Once a youth has completed the Thinking Errors Program, an informed parent can reinforce the new behavior at home.

Adult Thinking Errors is offered several times a month at different hours to accommodate most schedules. The program is held at the Family Resource Center, 414 Superior Street, Sandusky, Ohio.