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General Info.

Birth Certificates, Registration and Correction

If a birth has not been recorded, or if a birth certificate has been lost, destroyed, or improperly or inaccurately recorded, the probate court has the power, upon application, to require recording or correction of the certificate. Information on births before 1908 is available from the probate court. For individuals born prior to 1908, a certified certificate of birth may be obtained from the probate court.

Changes Of Names

Applications for legal change of name are filed in the probate court. After publishing of notice and hearing, the court, if reasonable and proper cause exists, may grant a name change.

Land Appropriations

The probate court has concurrent jurisdiction with the general division of the court of common pleas to hear land appropriation cases. In a land appropriation, real property is being taken by the state, city, county, or a public utility under the laws of eminent domain for a public purpose such as highway or power line construction. The main question resolved, usually by a jury, is the value to be paid to the owner(s) of the property taken.

Consent For Medical Treatment

Objections to consent for medical treatment, given under powers of attorney for health care or advanced directives (living wills), are filed in the probate court. In addition, objections and authority for consent to medical treatment where there is neither a power of attorney nor an advanced directive are also filed in the probate court.