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Violence Self-Quiz

Questions for Potential Victims:
1. Do the things he/she says make me feel unworthy, stupid "and less than"? YES NO
2. Do I feel violated in any way by him/her? YES NO

Do I feel that he/she is my only option for a relationship?

4. Do I feel like he/she is doing me a favor by dating me? YES NO
5. Does he/she hit, slap, push or kick me? YES NO
6. Do I feel intimidated or controlled by him/her? YES NO
7. Do I feel pressured sexually? YES NO
8. Do I feel that I must give up my friends for him/her? YES NO
9. DO I "walk on eggshells" for fear of upsetting him/her? YES NO


Questions for Potential Abusers:
1. Have I seen abuse in my family? YES NO
2. Do I view him/her as my personal possession? YES NO

Do I feel that my way is the only way?

4. Do I try to intimidate or control him/her? YES NO
5. Do I feel that he/she is lucky to have me, and should do anything I want? YES NO
6. Do I feel jealous about the time and attention he/she pays others? YES NO
7. Do I feel like it's his/her fault if I get angry? YES NO
8. Do I use my fists and/or words to strike out at him/her to get what I want? YES NO

Download the Violence Quiz (PDF, 168KB) to print the PDF version.

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