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Obtaining a Civil Protection Order

What is a Civil Protection Order (CPO)?

If you are a victim of domestic violence, you have options in obtaining protection for you and your family members. You may file a petition for a civil protection order (CPO) for yourself or household/family members. The Petitioner must allege that the respondent committed physical violence or threatened physical violence against a family/household member, including a description of the nature and extent of the domestic violence.

The filing of criminal charges or a criminal conviction is not necessary to obtain a CPO. However, having a Temporary Protection Order (TPO) does not prevent one from obtaining a CPO.

***A CPO can be valid for a period of up to five years from the date of filing.***

***A violation of a CPO is considered to be a criminal offense.***

The Civil Protection Order can include the following conditions:

Direct the respondent (abuser) to refrain from abusing family/household members, to include no harassing, threatening, or telephoning the petitioner either directly, or indirectly through a third party;

  • Direct the respondent to leave the household;
  • Award child support, spousal support, custody and/or visitation;
  • Require either or both of the parties to seek counseling;
  • Direct the respondent not to enter the residence, workplace, and/or school of the family/household members;
  • Order exclusive use of a motor vehicle;
  • Award the division of property.


If you are interested in obtaining a CPO, you can contact an advocate for assistance or you can go to the Domestic Relations Court, 323 Columbus Avenue, Sandusky, and inform the receptionist that you wish to file a petition for a CPO. You do not have to have an attorney to request a CPO.

The Court will hold a hearing on the same day the petition is filed to determine if an ex-parte order should be granted. An ex-parte order is a protection order that goes into effect before a full hearing. If the ex-parte order is granted, it will remain in effect until the full hearing.

A full hearing will be scheduled within seven to ten days of filing a Petition for a CPO. Both parties are present for this hearing. At the hearing, you will explain to the Judge why a CPO is necessary to protect you or a family member from further harm.

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