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Felony Crime

Victims and/or their families are offered the following services: notification regarding court hearings, information and explanation regarding various court hearings and court procedures, a liaison between victim and prosecutor, mental health/substance abuse counseling referrals, assistance with medical providers, assistance with employers, assistance with the Ohio Victims of Crime Compensation Program and referrals to educational programs. Victims are contacted prior to the Grand Jury process and the Director provides them assistance through the court process. If you would like more information regarding the felony process, then you may refer to the Understanding the Felony System: Definitions for Victims web page.

When an offender is convicted of a crime or pleads guilty to an offense, the Court may order a Presentence Investigation. The victim also has the right to submit a Victim Impact Statement.

Assistance is available to victims regarding post-conviction issues: an inmate's release from prison, and inmate's parole hearing, probation violations, unwanted contact by the inmate/probationer. If a victim would like to have knowledge of the offender's incarceration and notification of his release, he/she can register with VINE as well as submit the ODR&C Office of Victim Services Victim Notification form (PDF, 35.8KB).