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Right to Compensation

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Right to Compensation For Economic Losses Resulting From Crime:

In 1976, the Ohio Legislature enacted the Crime Victims Compensation Act. This law helps innocent victims of violent crime recover their economic losses suffered as a result of the crime. In 2000, SB 153 expanded benefits for some crime victims, and streamlined the application process. Victims of violent crime must apply for compensation and must meet certain eligibility requirements. Some of the most commonly asked questions about crime victims compensation are answered in the paragraphs below.

Can I Get Help Paying Bills Related to Me Being a Crime Victim?

The Ohio Crime Victims Compensation Program may help you pay specific expenses that are not covered by insurance or other benefits if you are in one of the following categories:

  • A victim of violent crime (including OMVI).
  • A dependent of a deceased victim.
  • A parent or guardian of a crime victim if you are responsible for the victim's expenses.
  • Someone who has taken legal responsibility to pay the expenses incurred due to a crime.
  • An immediate family member of a victim of homicide, sexual assault, domestic violence or permanent life altering condition resulting from crime.

What Type of Expenses Will the Compensation Fund Cover?

An Award may be made for:

  • All medically necessary expenses for treatment and care of the victim that are not covered by insurance.
  • Funeral expenses.
  • Loss of income.
  • Counseling costs.
  • Other costs as specified under law.

(Awards are not usually made for property loss or for pain and suffering.)

All payments for expenses eligible for compensation will be made directly to the service providers. If, however, at the time of applying for compensation, you have paid some or all of the expenses, you (rather than the service provider) will directly receive reimbursement for the paid expense(s). You will also receive direct payment for any loss of income you may have and certain other types of economic loss that you personally incur.

Application for Compensation (PDF, 1.25KB)
Perfected Claims Checklist (PDF, 1.29KB)
Application for Supplemental Compensation (PDF, 790KB)