Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Update

Posted on July 10, 2014

 ERPC has released the first draft of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Update and is currently seeking public comments. Below is some information regarding the plan. The comment period will be open until September 1st..

About the Plan:
What the plan is?
The plan covers the current bicycle and pedestrian conditions/programs in the ERPC region and recommended improvements for the future. It also covers the benefits of walking/bicycling and possible funding sources. The plan is an update to the 1999 Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan.
Why the department is doing it?
Erie Regional Planning is undergoing the plan update because, as the metropolitan planning organization, we are tasked to promote all forms of transportation, including those that are non-motorized, such as walking and biking. In addition, bicycle and pedestrian paths enhance the quality of life in a community, therefore, it is important to plan for future projects and try to combine them with road projects if funding is available.
What is the importance of bicycling?

There are many benefits to a non-motorized transportation such as reducing traffic congestion, health benefits (exercise/reduction in air pollution), social benefits and economic benefits (tourism).
About the Public Meetings:
What will happen at these meetings?
A short presentation of the draft plan will be reviewed during the meeting. Staff will also be available to answer any questions or hear any comments/concerns people may have.
Why should people attend these meetings?
People should attend the meeting to find out where future bicycle/ pedestrian paths will be recommended throughout Erie County. Staff also is available to answer any questions the public may have regarding the plan. Additionally, ERPC staff is there to accept and receive feedback from the public.
What can they do? If they can’t attend, how can they still voice their comments or concerns?
If they can not attend the meetings on July 16th and 17th they can still contact staff and review the plan using a variety of methods as listed below. Staff will consider all relevant comments received and they will be included within the plan.