2014 / 2015 Erie County Salt Bids

Posted on November 3, 2014

Letter sent to Erie County townships, villages & municipalities in regards to the 2014/2015 salt bid from Erie County Engineer Jack Farschman:

August 21, 2014

            We recently received (1) (one) bid to provide salt for the calendar year 2015 at $92.50/ton pickup or $94.95/delivered from North American Salt, (reference attached). Just to let you know, I intend to stock pile salt for this coming winter for Erie County Engineer’s use under our present contract which is in effect through this calendar year, at a potential savings to us of approximately $207,000. You might want to consider similar action(s). For those of you who do not have adequate storage area, I am planning to re- advertise and re-bid using an estimated cost of $55/ton pickup and $58/ton delivered, which is in line with what ODOT pays as I understand it. Still a huge increase!