Case Banking in JFS

Posted on January 17, 2013

Effective December 1, 2012, the Erie County Department of Job and Family Services implemented a new procedure, Case Banking, in its Income Maintenance division, known primarily for authorizing and issuing means-tested benefits. Case Banking represents the most significant change in the way this department operates since the introduction of the statewide computer system in the 1990's.

Under Case Banking there are two major units, the Bankers and the Intake/Redetermination Specialists. IR Workers handle new intakes, cases transferred in from other counties and redeterminations. Once a case is authorized or denied, it is moved to the Bank. After six months the two groups of workers switch, so that everyone remains fully trained. Only the nursing home, daycare and cash cases are excluded from this process with each of those three areas retaining a dedicated worker.

While the loss of an assigned worker may seem a drawback to this plan, it is clear from the results so far and from other counties who use this format that the increased efficiency provided better service to the public.