E-Recording Comes To Erie County

Posted on November 1, 2011

The Erie County Recorder’s office now accepts e-recording of relevant documents.  This is an important service for individuals and businesses who need documents recorded with the county, but for reasons of distance or inconvenience find it difficult to do so. 

County Recorder Barb Sessler explains how this technology works, “A person who refinances their home, for example, must file their paperwork with the county.  Now that person can contact one of our two certified vendors who scans the documents and then submits them electronically through a secure site to our office.  The vendor collects the filing fees and deposits them to our account the same day.

“The process,” Sessler continued, “is paperless and reduces our need for storage space.  But the documents can be accessed at any time.  And they are protected from power outages or other disruptions with our system backups.”  

Erie County is just one of twelve counties statewide that makes this service available to its residents and companies. 

Sessler concluded, “I am very pleased that we can now offer this technology.  Accuracy, transparency and access are essential qualities to a successful Recorder’s office.  Enabling e-recording helps us improve on all three of these.”

For more information, go to the Recorder’s website at:  http://www.eriecounty.oh.gov/departments-and-agencies/legal-resources/erie-county-recorder/