Preparing for Weather Emergencies

Posted on September 12, 2012

September is National Preparedness Month and the Erie County Emergency Management Agency is encouraging residents to plan for emergencies.  The most likely disasters to affect Erie County are weather related and the best defense is having early notification by utilizing a NOAA all hazards radio also known as a weather radio.  Trying to only rely on the warning sirens is not a safe option.  Erie County operates 44 outdoor severe weather warning sirens as part of the countywide severe weather warning system; however these sirens are for outdoor notification only, and therefore are not designed to necessarily alert someone inside their home, office or school.  The sirens simply mean to “seek shelter” and tune to your local TV and/or radio for further weather information.  The county sirens are activated any time there is a TORNADO WARNING issued by the National Weather Service, or the reported sighting of a tornado/funnel cloud by public safety personnel, or the report of property damage or injuries caused by severe storms/tornado/funnel cloud.  The sirens are not activated upon expiration of the warning; you will never hear the sirens activated to indicate “all clear.”

Do you want a tornado shelter for your home?

The Ohio Emergency Management Agency is offering an Ohio Safe Room Rebate Program.  This rebate covers up to 87.5 percent of the cost to install or construct a safe room – up to a maximum of $6,000. This program will aid in the construction of 150 safe rooms statewide.  The deadline to register is October 1st on the Ohio EMA website:  

For more information on how to get prepared follow these steps