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What is Wraparound?

Erie County Juvenile Court has adopted High Fidelity Wraparound as a community collaborative process and the concepts as a way to strengthen the system of care for youth and families.  Wraparound is a dynamic process with core elements, not a program of service.  This process is based on individualized, strength based, needs-driven planning and service delivery.  Wraparound is not something that you “get”, it’s something you “do.”, It’s a process, not a program.  These fundamental principles merge with a “never give up” philosophy that embodies an unconditional commitment to team development, family empowerment and outcome based interventions. It is essential that all services are developed cooperatively and are coordinated in a Child and Family Team. The ultimate goal in Wraparound is for the child to live an independent, fulfilling, law-abiding and constructive life in the community with minimal special supports.  
If you have questions concerning Wraparound in Erie County, please contact:
Erie County Family Children First Council

Melissa Bayer Smith
2900 Columbus Ave
Sandusky, Ohio 44870
Phone : (419) 624-6355

Erie County Juvenile Court 
Michelle Cook                
323 Columbus Ave, 4th floor
Sandusky, Ohio 44870        
Phone:  (419) 627-6615

Jen Kemp                        
323 Columbus Ave, 4th floor
Sandusky, Ohio 44870        
Phone:  (419) 627-6616

Wraparound Forms/Information Sheets

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