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Access Management Regulations

The Erie County Access Management Manual governs the design and location, and number of driveways.

Storm Water Rules and Regulations (SWRR)

Version: May, 2013

The Erie County Stormwater Management Rules, Regulations, and Erosion Control manual govern the handling of storm water and the design of drainage facilities.

Storm Water Rules & Regulations

Version: September, 2014

Solid Waste Control for Construction Sites

Version: 2008

The Erie County Solid Waste Control for Construction Sites pamphlet has information on the measures required to prevent solid waste from being blown or washed off of a construction site and onto adjacent properties or into the streets, drainage ditches, storm sewers, and natural bodies of water within the Erie County Urbanized Area (ECUA), in the interest of public health, safety, general welfare, and the protection of the environment.

Subdivision Regulations

Version: October 7, 2004

The Erie County Subdivision Regulations govern the procedures for minor and major subdivisions. The regulations govern procedural requirements, plats, road design and construction, and the dedication of public improvements. The regulations are administered by the Erie Regional Planning Commission, not by the County Engineer.
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