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Current Projects

Community and Economic Development

  • Tax Increment Financing (TIF) & Tax Abatement Agreements for Business Retention/Expansion
  • Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) - Strub Road and Columbus Avenue Intersection Improvements, Perkins Avenue Signalization and Implement the US Route 250 Safety and Congestion Plan
  • Community Housing Improvement Program (CHIP) - Improve Neighborhood Housing Stock by repairing seven (7) homes in 2008 and filing a new CHIP Grant Application for 2009-10.
  • Job Ready site (JRS) Grant to Develop the US Route 250 / NASA Plumbrook Station Area
  • High Tech Business Park on Huron Avery Road. Develop site and secure grant funding.
  • Regional Airport at NASA Plumbrook Station - Continue FAA Phase 2 of the Feasibility Study
  • Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) to Fund Low/Moderate Income Eligible Projects
  • Census 2010 - Develop action plan for an accurate Countywide Census Count

Energy & Environment Projects

  • Campbell Street Water Line - Replacement
  • SR 101: Huron East - Construct Two New Water Booster Pump Stations
  • SR 60; Huron East - Construct Two New Water Towers
  • SR 101; Homegardner Road; and Cleveland Road Water Lines - Replacement
  • SR 6 Water Line from Hahn Road to Poorman Road - Replacement
  • Northern Ohio Rural Water Authority (NORWA) two new connections at SR 60/Mason Road and Kelley Road. Expansion of new water customers.
  • US Route 250 from Kalahari to the Ohio Turnpike Exchange Sanitary Sewer - Extension (JRS and EDA grant applications)
  • SR 4/Turnpike Exchange Wastewater Treatment and Collection System - Evaluation
  • Sandusky Wastewater Plant - Phase 2 Improvements
  • Plumbrook Wastewater Flow Equalization Basin - Design
  • Kob Ditch Diversion Sewer across Lakecrest Town Center Development
  • Nielson Avenue Sewer Line - Replacement
  • Landfill Gas to Energy Program - Contract to convert Methane Gas to Electricity
  • Solid Waste District (ECSWD) Projects - Update the 5 year Plan; Enhance Voluntary Recycling at Drop Off site Locations and Explore Curbside Recycling; Expand Seasonal Recycling Program; and Hold Appliance, Computer and Paint Round Ups


Justice/Public Safety/Homeland Security

  • Emergency Warning and Notification Sirens Countywide - Expand by two (Margaretta Township and Vermilion Township)
  • Jail Overcrowding - determine cost effective options i.e. Alternative Sentencing Facility and Electronic Monitoring
  • Court House Security - screeners, metal detection and camera/monitoring systems.
  • Mutual Public Safety Dispatch (MPSD) study. Explore Centralized Dispatch.


Public Works

  • Bridge Replacement Program:
    • Darrow Road; Nash Road; Maple Avenue; Florence - Wakeman Road; Chapin Road; and Green Road Bridges. Evaluate updating the Dean Road Bridge.
  • Perkins Avenue – Signalization and Feasibility Study to Widen (Construction slated for 2012)
  • Huron-Avery Road (US 250 to Scheid Road) Widen and Resurface
  • Intersection Improvements – Columbus Avenue and Strub Road; Campbell Street and Strub Road; SR 4 & Bogart Road; US Route 250 & Strub Road
  • Erie County Services Center - Commission Chambers Remodel
  • Erie County Department Job and Family Services - Roof Replacement
  • County Municipal Court - Construction
  • Court House - Elevator Renovation
  • County Jail - Interior Painting
  • Office Building Parking Garage - Deck Maintenance


Telecommunication & Information Technology Projects

  • Wide Area Network (W.A.N.) and Virtual Private Network (VPN) - Expansion
  • Website Development for County Elected Officials and Agencies - Expansion
  • Common Pleas Court - CourtView System - Expansion
  • Geographic Information System (G.I.S.) - Enhancement
  • E-911 Master Plan Update and Implement E-911 Wireless Dispatch System
  • Web mail and Remote Desktop Access - New programs