Board of Commissioners

As your Commissioners, we are proud to serve our residents and guests. We are committed to providing a high quality of life for all who live in, work at, or visit our communities. Our unique blend of skilled workforces, leisure and recreational opportunities is why we say Erie County is where resources abound.
-Erie County Commissioners

Mission Statement

To improve the health, safety and welfare of all Erie County citizens, the strength of its economy and the quality of the environment.
Bill Monaghan Bill Monaghan is a lifelong resident of Erie County. He is married to the former Judy Baxter. They have two children and six grandchildren.

Bill graduated from Sandusky St. Mary’s High School and attended Bowling Green State University. He spent virtually his entire business career in the aluminum business with Vulcan Materials (later Wabash Alloys). He retired in December 2005 from Wabash Alloys as the company’s Senior Purchasing Manager after 40 years in the business. At the time, Bill was managing over a half billion dollars of raw material purchases each year and was recognized as a global expert in the sourcing and pricing of this important commodity.

In November, 2006, Bill was elected to his first term as county commissioner. In November, 2014, Bill was re-elected Erie County Commissioner to his third term by a strong majority of Erie County voters. He has maintained his strong commitment to economic development and superior service from county government to its residents. He remains a strong advocate for Erie County’s unique blend of skilled manufacturing and travel and tourism business.

Bill serves on the following local and state boards: Ohio County Commissioners Association Government and Operations Committee and Water Quality Task Force, The Erie County Information Services Board, Chamber of Commerce, Firelands Symphony Orchestra and other state and local boards and committees.

During his business career, Bill served his industry in the following capacity, President of the Ohio Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI), chair of their National Aluminum and Legislative Committees and a National Board Member of the 1,700 member trade association.
Patrick Shenigo Patrick Shenigo was elected to the Erie County, Ohio Board of Commissioners on November 4, 2008. He is a life-long resident of the Erie County Community. Pat is married to Cam (Stacey) Shenigo, and has four children. He has been involved in real estate development and business ventures in Erie, Lorain, Cuyahoga, and Franklin Counties.

Among advocating for reduced spending and efficient government since taking office in 2009, Mr. Shenigo has served on the Transit Technical Advisory Committee and Executive Board, the Erie County Land Bank Executive Board, President of the Erie County Solid Waste District, and President of the Erie County Metropolitan Planning Organization's Policy Committee.

Mr. Shenigo has also been pivotal in assisting in the development of the newly created Erie County Port Authority and has provided support to various regional transportation projects including improvements along the US 250 Corridor.

Also, he continues to champion the local NASA Plum Brook Research Station on regional, state, and national platforms; sharing the message that Plum Brook is a world-class testing and research facility that has far reaching impacts on national security and the economy.
Matt Old Matt Old is serving his first term as Erie County Commissioner. Mr. Old was born and raised in Berlin Heights. He attended Edison High School, graduated from Bowling Green State University, and taught government, history and current events.  From 2009 - 2017, Mr. Old served as a Berlin Township Trustee. He is the Vice-President of the Board of County Commissioners. Feel free to contact Mr. Old anytime at 419-602-7815 (cell).

Erie County Commissioners

William J. Monaghan 
Patrick J. Shenigo
Mathew R. Old

Erie County Administrator, Peter S. Daniel

Clerk of Commission Board, Carolyn L. Hauenstein

Commission Meeting Recordings


  • Drafting and enforcing policies regarding the County’s multi-million dollar budget.
  • Taxation.
  • Purchasing. 
  • Contract agreements. 
  • Grant agreements.
  • Public policy-making including such issues as health and human services, economic development, farmland preservation and solid waste management.
  • Holds title to County property.
  • Hearings and rulings on annexations.
  • Approving drainage improvements through ditch petition process.
  • Establishing water and sewer districts and making improvements.
  • Serves on boards and appoints members to boards and commissions.
  • Approves road and bridge improvements.
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