Erie County Title Department


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The Title Office at 247 Columbus Avenue will remain open during the lunch hour beginning Monday, July 3rd.

The Erie County Title Department located at 247 Columbus Avenue, Suite 131, downtown Sandusky, will resume weekday operations Monday through Friday, from 8:00a.m. until 4:00p.m.  
Thank you so much for your support.
Luvada W. Wilson
Erie County Clerk of Courts 

Guide Book for Notarizing Ohio Title Documents

A certificate of title to your automobile or watercraft is similar to a deed to your real property. Do not carry it on your person or keep it in the vehicle. Store it in a safe place with your other important documents. If you have questions about titles and transferring, buying or selling a vehicle or watercraft, please feel free to call us at (419) 627-7625

Please Note: This information is for general use. It is not intended nor should it be considered "legal advice." Questions concerning the Titling Laws of Ohio should be referred to your legal advisor.
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