Clerk of Courts Office

The Clerk of Courts Office Is . . . .

Erie County Courthouse

The Official Record Keepers of Erie County's Common Pleas and the 6th District of Ohio's Court of Appeals.

Luvada Wilson is the Erie County Clerk of Courts.

Clerk Office has new technological advancements for convenient payments by our customer:  
  • Internet payments and Mobile App payments  (mobile app must be downloaded from mobile  device)
  • Mail in payments are also accepted (see the address below)we accept both checks and money  orders.  Please do not send cash through the mail.
As a part of our previous technological operations, all attorneys are able to automatically transmit pleadings to our court system by registering to e-file.  If you have not registered to e-file with us, simply click on the link (to the left) and follow the instructions. 

The Erie County Clerk of Courts office, strives to make our many functions efficient and user-friendly.  We are here to provide well-organized access to records that have been entrusted to our care.  It is our goal to continue to move forward always serving you in a courteous and timely manner.  Thank you for your support.  
Luvada S. Wilson, Erie County Clerk of Courts

Changes in our E-filing Cases

If you are registered to E-file in our Criminal, Domestic Relations or Appeals divisions you do not have to re-register to use our new Civil E-filing system.  However, if you are not currently registered in one of the aforementioned divisions you must register to operate the new Civil E-filing system prior to February 21, 2020.   


The Clerk of Courts is responsible for filing, docketing, indexing and preserving all court pleadings for civil, criminal/felony and domestic relations cases. We process appeals from all lower courts within the county.

The Clerk of Courts must also follow procedures required by law and issue writs to carry out court orders. Some of these writs include summons, subpoenas, warrants to arrest and to convey to penal institutions, and signing the death warrant in capital cases.

The Clerk of Courts must preserve all of these records for use by future generations.

Additional Duties

  • Administer Oaths
  • Keep Naturalization Records
  • Issue Automobile & Watercraft Titles
  • Limited Authority Deputy Registrar 
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