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General FAQs

1. Where is the Clerk of Courts office located?

The Clerk of Courts office is located in the Erie County Courthouse at 323 Columbus Avenue, First Floor, Sandusky Ohio 44870. 

2. My credit report says I have a lien. What does this mean?

A lien is a legal claim against a piece of property that can prevent the property owner from selling or borrowing against it.

The Clerk of Courts files a Judgment Lien or a State Tax Lien. To release the lien, bring the lien release and the release fee to the Clerk.   All Federal Tax Liens & Mechanics Liens are at the Recorder's office.

3. Where can I get a copy of my divorce decree?

If you were divorced in Erie County, you can get a copy from our office. The cost is .25 cents per page and $2.00 to certify the document. 

4. Where can I get a copy of my marriage license?

All marriages are recorded in Probate Court.  Probate Court is located on the second floor of the Erie County Courthouse, 323 Columbus Avenue, Sandusky, Ohio 44870.  419-627-7750.

5. How do I obtain a copy of my birth certificate?

Birth and Death Records before 20 DEC 1908 are in Probate Court. Records after 20 DEC 1908 are at the Erie County Health Department, Bureau of Vital Statistics.  419-626-5623.

6. When do I have to be in court?

This information can be obtained by calling the court you are scheduled to attend. Phone numbers are as follows:

Erie County Municipal Court - 419-499-4689
Huron Municipal Court - 419-433-5430
Sandusky Municipal Court - 419-627-5923
Vermilion Municipal Court - 440-967-6543

7. Are the Local Rules online?

At this time, they are not available online. You may obtain a copy by sending a check for $15.00, made payable to the Clerk of Courts, 323 Columbus Avenue, Sandusky, OH 44870.  Please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.  Please indicate if you want the Civil or Domestic Rules. The rules will then be mailed to you.

8. Do I record my DD214 with you?

Military Discharge papers are recorded in the Recorder's Office.  419-627-7686

9. How much does it cost to file a new case in Civil, Divorce, Change of Custody, etc.? 

Fees for filing each case type can be viewed on our Legal Department page

10. Do you keep a list of foreclosures in your office? 

We do not maintain a list of foreclosures. The listing of Sheriff Sales is available online at the Erie County Sheriff's website.

11. My notary expired.  Do I have to take the test again? 

Please contact the Ohio Secretary of State's office at 614-644-4559 for any questions regarding notary commissions and renewals.  You can also go to Homepage - Ohio Secretary of State ( and go to the Notary tab.

12. Can you tell me how to file for my divorce without an attorney?

We do have Domestic Rules available in our office for $15.00.  We cannot advise you or tell you how to prepare your paperwork for filing.  There are forms provided in the back of the rules that can assist in filing for divorce.

13. Can you look-up records on your computer that are filed in other counties and states?

No. The Erie County Clerk of Courts does not keep national records. This information may be available for public access at other Clerk of Courts websites.

14. What are your office hours?

The Erie County Clerk of Courts and the Title Department are open 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday.

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