Welcome to the Erie County Prosecuting Attorney's Office. Through this website, we are committed to providing the citizens of Erie County and others greater access to the services that are provided by the Prosecuting Attorney's Office. One of the primary functions of the Prosecuting Attorney for Erie County is the pursuit of justice. This includes the investigation and prosecution of criminal activity and enterprises occurring within Erie County. These criminal offenses range from non-violent property crimes such as theft and forgery to more serious violent crimes such as rape and murder. Regardless of the crime, the Office is committed to serving victims of crime through its victim/witness division. The services provided to victims, who in many cases are also witnesses, are numerous and varied but all designed to restore to the victims a sense of dignity, hope and in some instances compensation.

Although the investigation and prosecution of serious criminal offenses is viewed as the primary function of the Prosecuting Attorney's Office, the office serves another important role through its civil division. The civil division provides legal advice and representation to its statutory clients. In other words, the Prosecuting Attorney is the lawyer for many of the other public offices and officials in Erie County. All told there are about 173 different clients to which the Prosecuting Attorney provides legal opinions or represents in legal proceedings. For example, the Prosecuting Attorney represents all the elected officials in Erie County such as the County Commissioners, the Sheriff, the Judges, and represents each of the nine townships located in Erie County just to name a few of its clients.

Therefore, the role of the Prosecuting Attorney's Office is not only multi-faceted but involves many other offices and public officials who serve the citizens of Erie County. Hopefully, through this website, the Prosecuting Attorney's Office will be of greater service and information to you.
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