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Children Services

Children Services

Andrew J. Lill, Deputy Director Social Programs


Children Services embraces the philosophy that all children have a right to safety, stability, permanency and a family. To that end, programs reuniting and stabilizing families weakened thru poverty, illness, or crisis resulting in neglect or abuse to children are provided so that whenever possible, children can be served at home, or in neighborhood foster care, until their safety can be assured and they can be returned home. Children Services’ specialized approach to meet the needs of families and children includes education, assessment, foster care, adoption, and residential living and training. Children Services does not discriminate against any person because of race, religion, color, national origin, age or handicap and complies with all federal and state civil rights, equal employment and affirmative action laws and regulations.

We provide the following services

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24 HR. Hotline / Intake Department - 419-626-KIDS (419-626-5437)

  • Investigates child abuse and neglect.
  • Refers children and families to services.
  • Protects children who are at serious risk of harm and cannot remain at home.
  • Investigates all allegations of sexual abuse within families.

Family Services

  • Works with Juvenile Court, schools, MRDD, mental health, and other agencies, to keep families together or reunite them (if possible).
  • Provides protective services to children in their own homes.
  • Provides placement, counseling & other services to children in the agency’s custody.

Foster Home Resource Management

  • Recruits and trains prospective foster parents.
  • Conducts home studies, evaluates and recommends foster homes licensure to state. Monitors private foster care networks.


  • Recruits, trains and conducts home studies for prospective adoptive parents.
  • Provides direct services to all children in permanent custody.
  • Provides adoption subsidy services to adoptive families of children with specific needs.

Independent Living

Teaches living skills to sixteen to eighteen year old children in the custody of the agency. Training includes homemaking, hygiene, job-hunting, schooling and finding a home.

Placement Services

Finds alternate care for children in custody, including foster homes, specialized or therapeutic foster care, group homes, residential treatment, day treatment and maternity homes.

Specialized Services

  • Provides linkage to outpatient supportive services: psychological services, parenting classes, chemical dependency services, and others.
  • Provides family aide services.

Adult Protective Services

Services are aimed at ensuring that the golden years should be those in which the older citizens of this community are respected and have the right to be safe, free from abuse, neglect and exploitation.


This Ohio Medicaid Program provides free prevention and treatment services for Medicaid eligible children from birth through age twenty.

Healthcheck screens are thorough and focus on helping all children, including those with disabilities, get and stay healthy. Clients are assisted with scheduling medical appointments, transportation and supportive services when requested.

Pregnancy Related Services

When requested, the Erie County Department of Job and Family Services in cooperation with the woman’s doctor, will provide support services to compliment medical services from the date of identification of pregnancy through sixty days after the end of the pregnancy.

Clients are assisted with scheduling medical appointments, transportation and supportive services when requested.

Enhanced Medicaid Transportation (EMT)

The Enhanced Medicaid Transportation assures non-emergency transportation for Medicaid recipients to and from Medicaid covered services and providers.

Upon approval for the program, the agency provides gas vouchers and Sandusky Transit System tickets.

Erie County Department of Job and Family Services Memorandum of Understanding to address Child Abuse and Neglect