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How To Submit A Request

All Requests:

All project requests for consideration by the ECISB should include a brief description of the requested action and justification as well as a configuration for hardware/software purchase requests and supporting documentation. Additionally, any fiscal information to share relative to the request maybe included in the time indicated. Requests, which do not meet the above-mentioned requirements, maybe returned for additional information or corrections, ECISB Action Requests received without all necessary documents will not constitute meeting the deadline date. Requests received for discussion after the ECISB Board meeting deadline will be presented for consideration by the ECISB at the next regularly scheduled board meeting. These requests should be submitted to the Clerk of the ECISB using our Request For Board Action Form (PDF, 63KB).

Deadline for Submitting and Processing Requests:

  • The deadline for submitting a request for the Organizational or a Regular meeting of the ECISB is (1) week prior to the meeting date of the ECISB.
  • One week allows for the process to the Board.
  • The requested item will then appear on the agenda of the ECISB the following week.
  • The IT Director can suspend the rules applied here and allow submissions/requests.
  • The item will then automatically appear on the next regularly scheduled meeting of the ECISB where it may or may not be forwarded to the Ad-hoc Committee(s) during session, based on criteria and necessity.