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Erie County Sheriff

Information concerning questions that Erie County Sheriff's Office Communications Officers will be asking callers to facilitate Ebola Virus Disease Preparedness. 

The Erie County Health Department is not aware of any resident of, or visitor to, the county who has had high risk exposure for Ebola, as defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).   However, early recognition of potential cases is critical for overall public health, infection control, and to ensure the safety of our county’s first responders.  

To assist in providing that early recognition to our local public safety first responders, and based upon a request from the Erie County Health Department—with guidance from the CDC, the Ohio Department of Health, and local public safety agencies and medical personnel—Erie County Sheriff’s Office Communications Officers will, effective immediately, be asking any caller who requests emergency medical assistance two additional questions:

1) “Have you traveled to West Africa in the past 21 days?” and

2) “Have you had contact with anyone ill with Ebola in the United States?”

Responding public safety personnel will be notified if the caller answers “yes” to either question so that appropriate precautions can be taken.  

We thank you, in advance, for your patience and understanding in answering these two questions.   This procedure will remain in place until we receive information from the Erie County Health Department that it can be discontinued.  

For general information concerning Ebola, please feel free to contact Kelly Bemis at the Erie County Health Department, telephone 419-626-5623, ext. 141.

For information concerning this new procedure, please contact Sheriff Paul Sigsworth at either 419-625-7951, ext. 6281 or cell 419-656-5404, or Communications Supervisor Sgt. Greg Krumnow at 419-625-7951, ext. 6251.




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