Erie Co. Active Transportation Month 2013

Posted on March 19, 2013

Get up and Get Moving!
What is active transportation?
Active transportation is any form of transit that is self-propelled. This could be in the form of walking, running, biking, using a scooter, roller-skating, and many more options! Active transportation is important to our community because it reduces the amount of traffic on our roads, helps preserve our environment, and improves overall health.
Why Active Transportation?
Why focus on active transportation? The Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is the chief transportation planning agency for the Sandusky Urbanized Area. The MPO is encouraged by the Ohio Department of Transportation to promote the use of all forms of transportation. The MPO feels that community outreach regarding these other modes of transportation is important and beneficial to the community. The MPO already promotes a form of AT through the Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program. This program promotes children to actively travel to and from school in a safe manner in order to encourage a healthy lifestyle. The MPO has been active with working with the community (City of Sandusky, City of Vermilion, and Perkins Township) on Safe Routes to School applications and process. Active Transportation Month is another layer of this outreach effort, which is extended to the entire community.
What’s Going on This Year?
The (MPO) is excited to announce that it is currently undergoing planning for its second annual Active Transportation Month (ATM). ATM consists of events and announcements that the Erie County Regional Planning (ERPC) department staff plans and relays to the community every May. Why May? May is national bike month so staff decided that it seems like a natural fit. So what is in the works? This year’s events will include a coloring contest, employee educational luncheon, planned fun walks, and the distribution of educational materials throughout the community. A calendar will be available for the entire month of May and will list activities in the community that you can get involved in. Coloring materials will be distributed throughout the county at various libraries, the Erie County Service Center/Office Building, on the ERPC department’s website, and upon request. An active transportation website is currently under construction and will contain educational materials, photos, and other announcements related to ATM. It will be available on ERPC’s page by May 1st.
For more information, please call Associate Planner, Nicole Grohe at 419.627.7793. She can also be reached by e-mail at