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Juvenile Drug Court (Juvenile Success Division)

 Juvenile Success Division is a voluntary program for Erie County youth who are struggling with drug and/or alcohol abuse and have been found delinquent. The program serves youth ages 12 to 18 that are high risk and high need.  

Juvenile Success Division is an intensive, individualized program designed to assist youth in reducing substance abuse, reducing delinquent and unruly behavior, increasing treatment compliance and improving educational attendance and success. The program utilizes active and continuous judicial supervision of youth’s treatment progress, sobriety, school attendance and engagement, participation in pro-social activities, and compliance with probation rules and program requirements. Youth meet with the Judge weekly during Phase 1, bi-weekly during Phase 2, once every 3 weeks during Phase 3 and monthly during Phase 4. The program lasts a minimum of 26 weeks. The Judge uses a system of graduated incentives to reward program compliance and graduated sanctions to address non-compliance and program violations. 

Youth participating in Juvenile Success Division attend drug/alcohol treatment as recommended by their therapist, receive random screens for alcohol and drugs, participate in an approved educational program, meet with their probation counselor as directed, meet with their case manager as needed and participate in pro-social activities. Youth may receive additional services based upon individual need.

Juvenile Success Division utilizes a non-adversarial team approach in addressing the needs and compliance of program participants. This team approach effectuates a coordinated strategy in the use of community resources. The treatment team is comprised of the Juvenile Judge, Drug Court Coordinator, Probation Counselor, Assistant Erie County Prosecutor, Assistant Erie County Public Defender and representatives from Fireland’s Counseling and Recovery Services. 

Juvenile Success Division is certified by the Supreme Court of Ohio as a Specialized Docket.

Youth who successfully complete the program are terminated from probation at their program graduation ceremony.
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