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Pursuant to Erie County Resolutions No.14-617 the landfill rates will be as follows:
 General Bulk Rates, Municipal Solid Waste: 
 Erie County Landfill Tipping Fees$41.00 per ton
 Ohio EPA MSW  Fees $ 4.75 per ton
 Erie County Solid Waste District Fee $ 6.00 per ton
 Milan Township Host Township Fee $ 0.25 per ton
 Total $52.00 per ton
 Construction and Demolition Debris Waste (CD&D):General Construction
 Erie County Landfill Tipping Fees $28.40 per ton
 Ohio EPA Fees $  1.60 per ton
 Total $30.00 per ton
 Non-Hazardous Contaminated Soil and Municipal Wastewater Dewatered Sludge:
 Erie County Landfill Tipping Fees $19.00 per ton
 Ohio EPA Fees $  4.75 per ton
 Erie County Solid Waste District Fee $  6.00 per ton
 Milan Township Host Township Fee $  0.25 per ton
 $30.00 per ton
Small Vehicle Loads (cars, vans, pick-ups, small trailers):
$10.00   400 pounds or less loads
$20.00   401-800 pound loads 
Over 800 pound loads $52.00/ton

Special Charges:    
  1. $20 for each appliance containing Freon
  2. $25.00 (minimum) per 15 minute dig out
  3. $10.00 extra for untarped/unsecured loads
  4. Additional costs for tires
  5. $5.00 additional charge for each mattress, box spring, and sofa bed with mattress.

NOTE: All wooden railroad ties, guard rail posts, fence posts and telephone poles need to be reduced in size to no longer than 4 feet in length for disposal at the Erie County Landfill.           

Late payment finance charges - 3%; should account become more than 2 months past due the account will be placed on cash basis. 
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