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Forms MUST be typed, we do not accept handwritten documents. 

Adult Adoption - Filing Fee $125.00

Requirements for Petition for Adoption of Adult (ORC §3107.02)
  1. Petition (19.0) Signed by Petitioner(s)
  2. Consent (18.3) is filed by adult adoptee – do not need consents from biological parents. Adult adoptee’s consent is to be signed at court hearing. 
  3. Certified copy of adult adoptee’s birth certificate 
  4. Affidavit of facts signed by the petitioner(s) and adult adoptee. This details the facts of the case and explains when the adoption should take place and the relationship the adoptee has had with the petitioner(s). The affidavit must include the adult adoptee’s address and telephone number. 
  5. Completed form HEA 2757 for information to create a new birth certificate 
  6. Petitioner(s) and adoptee must be present for a formal hearing on the Petition for Adoption of Adult 
  7. Court does not require a home study, letter, medical forms etc. that would normally be filed in the adoption of a minor
Form 18.3 Consent to Adopt  (to be signed by Adoptee at hearing)
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