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Judge Binette's Court

Judge Binette's Court

General Information

Judge Roger E. Binette is one of three judges within the General Division of the Erie County Common Pleas Court. Each judge has his own staff and presides over their assigned caseload separate and apart from each other. Cases are randomly assigned on an equal basis via a computer-generated program in the Clerk of Courts’ office.  Judge Binette's docket averages about 1,200 newly filed cases per year.

He also handles other judicial activity including making appointments to various county boards, such as the MetroParks board and the like.
He primarily utilizes Courtroom Number Two, which is located on the second floor of the courthouse, for most of his court proceedings. This courtroom is equipped with “CourtSmart”, a digital recording system that captures the record using audio and video. This courtroom also has a wireless presentation system, Blu-ray player, Pointmaker Annotation System with iPad control, document camera, and an amplification system. Both counsel tables are also equipped with laptop connections for PowerPoint presentations or for simply displaying information onto the court's 13 monitors. This courtroom is ADA compliant, equipped with hearing assisted devices, which amplifies the hearing capacity for those individuals, who are in need of such services. Additionally, the jury box in this courtroom is wheelchair accessible.

According to the Ohio Supreme Court, in the 2016 Ohio Courts Statistical Report, Judge Binette's court had a clearance rate of 115% for Criminal and Civil cases (caseload), and 98% clearance rate for Domestic Relations cases (caseload).
We are thrilled to be a part of the exciting challenges in the Erie County community, and look forward to the continued transformation of our court to be more efficient and professional.

Should you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact either one of Judge Binette's administrators, Vicki Fitzgerald or Lori Rickenbaugh.