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You Have Been Summoned For Jury Service

Judge Roger E. Binette and his staff would like to welcome you to jury service and hope you find it to be a rewarding experience. Our forefathers envisioned a justice system that would extend to all citizens a judicial process, which would be governed by its citizens, and you, as a juror, are an integral part of helping to fulfill that vision.

We are careful to treat jurors courteously and professionally. We know how important jurors are to the task of achieving fair and just results for those who come before the Court. The benefits to individuals who serve as jurors are significant, but most significant are the benefits of jury service to our entire community.

This page has been created for use by you, a prospective juror, employers, and the general public to find out about jury service in our court.

It is understandable that persons may be apprehensive about being called for jury duty. However, we find that most jurors find this experience is very positive.

After having served, they consider it an opportunity that taught them a great deal about the legal system and during the course of their service, they developed some good friendships. Many have asked if they could serve again!

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