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Boil Advisory Procedures

Boil Advisory Procedures

  • Once an advisory is declared it must last a minimum of 24-48 hours before EPA rules allow it to be lifted. 
  • Boil advisories are issued as a precaution with a customer’s best interests in mind. 
  • A Boil advisory is most often declared for the potential of contamination even when that potential is very low. 
  • It is possible, but unlikely, that bacteria could enter the water system from power outages at the Waterworks or severe main breaks. 
  • Boiling kills bacteria and other organisms that might be present in the water.

According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) All water used for drinking, cooking and oral hygiene should be brought to a full boil for a minimum of one minute.

It is not necessary to boil water for other uses.

While the boil advisory is in effect, it is recommended that customers:

  • Throw away beverages and ice cubes if made with tap water;
  • Keep boiled water in the refrigerator for drinking;
  • Do not swallow water while you are showering or bathing;
  • Provide pets with boiled water after cooling it;
  • Do not use home filtering devices in place of boiling; most home water filters will not provide adequate protection from microorganisms;
  • Use only boiled water to treat minor injuries.