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Bond Schedule

Bond Schedule as of September 29th, 2021

  1. Pursuant to Criminal Rule 46(G), the bail schedule for misdemeanor charges, including traffic offenses, unless excluded below, shall be set as follows:
    1. Personal recognizance is the rule.
    2. If the police officer or prosecutor based on the circumstances of the case, has reasonable cause to believe that a personal recognizance bond is insufficient, the judge shall be contacted for additional authority. If the judge determines that personal bail is insufficient, the conditions of release shall be pursuant to Criminal Rule 46.
    3. When a judge has previously set bail in a case, or has ordered a new amount in its last capias or warrant entry, that bail shall remain in effect unless otherwise ordered by a judge.
  2. For all other charges, the police officer or prosecutor shall contact the judge to set bail pursuant to Criminal Rule 46. This includes:
    1. Felony Charges;
    2. The following Misdemeanor charges, regardless of whether charged under the Ohio Revised Code, local ordinance, or other statutory provision:
      1. Domestic violence or any other offense of violence if the victim is a family or household member (R.C. 2919.251);
      2. Violation of any protection order or condition of community control, supervision, or probation involving prohibition from contact with specified persons or places;
      3. The following offenses if the accused was subject to a protection order and/or has a prior conviction involving the same complaint/victim, pursuant to R.C. 2903.212:
        1. Aggravated menacing (R.C. 2903.21);
        2. Menacing by stalking (R.C. 2903.211);
        3. Menacing (R.C. 2903.22);
        4. Aggravated Trespass (R.C. 2911.211);
        5. Any sexually oriented offense as defined by R.C 2950.01
      4. Any other offense when the victim, police officer, or prosecutor is seeking a protection order, no contact order, or other conditions of bond.

Any defendant released from jail pursuant to this bond schedule must appear in court at the designated date and time provided the defendant upon release from custody. The defendant must keep the Court advised of a current address at all times and maintain good behavior while on bond.

Waiver Schedule

All payments may be mailed to the following address:

Erie County Municipal Court
150 West Mason Rd.
Milan, Ohio 44846

Payments shall be in US funds, by certified check or money order. Make certain that a copy of the citation is enclosed for proper credit. If a receipt is requested, please enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope.


Personal Appearance Required

  • Indictable Offenses;
  • Operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or any drug of abuse;
  • Leave the scene of an accident;
  • Driving while under suspension or revocation of a driver's or commercial driver's license;
  • Driving without being licensed to drive;
  • A third or more moving violation within a twelve month period;
  • School bus and school zone traffic zones;
  • Eluding or fleeing a police officer;
  • Drag racing;
  • Reckless operation;
  • Handicapped parking violations;
  • Any traffic offense as an Unclassified, Fourth, Second, or First Degree Misdemeanor;

Personal Appearance Not Required

Pursuant to Rule 13 of the Ohio Rules of Traffic, the following Minor Misdemeanor traffic charges may be handled without a personal appearance by full payment of the listed fine and court costs:


Speed Limit of 50 mph or higher

Speed of 1-10 mph over speed limit = $3.00 per mile over speed limit plus court costs of $100.00

Speed of 11-20 mph over speed limit = $4.00 per mile over speed limit plus court costs of $100.00

Speed of 21-29 mph over speed limit = $5.00 per mile over speed limit plus court costs of $100.00

Speed of 30 mph or more over speed limit = $150.00 find plus court costs of $100.00

Speed Limit Under 50 mph

Speed of 1-10 mph over speed limit = $3.00 per mile over speed limit plus court costs of $100.00

Speed of 11 or greater over speed limit = $6.00 per mile over speed limit plus court costs of $100.00


  • Failure to Yield to Emergency Vehicle
  • Unsafe Vehicle
  • Railroad Flashing Lights
  • Failure to Display License Plates
  • Failure to Yield
  • Red Light/Stop Sign


  • No Seatbelt - Driver $110.00
  • No Seatbelt - Passenger $100.00
  • Child Restraint - $155.00


All other Minor Misdemeanor traffic charges not listed on this Schedule where a personal appearance is not required.

Pursuant to Rule 4.1 of the Ohio Rules of Criminal Procedure, the appearance on any Minor Misdemeanor criminal charge may be waived by the payments of $200.00 for fines and court costs.

Traffic Minor Misdemeanors - $50.00 plus court costs of $100.00

Distracted driving $25.00 plus court costs of $100.00 + additional $100.00 or attend distracted driving safety course at


Criminal Minor Misdemeanors - $100.00 plus court costs of $100.00

Court Costs Schedule

Exhibit A
Court Costs Traffic/Moving$100.00
Court Costs Traffic/Non Moving$80.00
Court Costs Criminal$100.00
Exhibit B
Additional Traffic/Criminal Costs
Appeal to Court of Appeals$50.00 (plus $150.00 for Court of Appeals)
Audio Recording$5.00
Bad Check Fee (BD)$25.00
Bond Fee$10%
Certified Copies$5.00 per document
Community Service$2.50 per hour of sentence
Driving Privileges$50.00
Driving Privileges - Amendment/Modification/Reissue$10.00
Expungment/Record Sealing$50.00
Fee for Bail Bond (FBB) Upon Conviction$25.00
House Arrest$50.00
Jail Commitment (Charge Upon Original Issuance)$10.00
Juror Fee$30.00
License Forfiture - BMV (BMVF)$30.00
NRVC Cancellation Fee$30.00
Payment Plan - Modification/Extend Deadline$15.00
Photo Copy Fee$0.10 per page
Pre-Sentence Investigation (PSI)$75.00
Reschedule Jail Report Date or DIP$30.00
Restitution Paid Through Court5% surcharge
Supoena (Issue)$10.00
Vacate ALS$50.00
Warrant Block Court$30.00
Warrant Fee$50.00
Witness Fee (Day)$12.00
Witness Fee (Half Day)$12.00
Exhibit C
Court Costs Civil$100.00
Court Costs Civil Small Claims$75.00 plus $10.00 for each additional defendant
Court Costs Civil Forcible Entry$208.00 plus $10.00 for each additional defendant
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