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Court Costs Schedule

Exhibit A
Court Costs Traffic/Moving$100.00
Court Costs Traffic/Non Moving$ 80.00
Court Costs Criminal$100.00
Exhibit B
Additional Traffic/Criminal Costs
Appeal to Court of Appeals$50.00 (plus $150.00 for Court of Appeals)
Audio Recording$5.00
Bad Check Fee (BD)$25.00
Bind over
Bond Fee- 10% Cash Bonds$10%
Bond Fee - Surety and Cash Bond$25.00
Bail Bond State Fee$25.00
Certified Copies$5.00 per document
Community Service$2.50 per hour of sentence
Continuances, by Motion$10.00
Driving Privileges$50.00
Driving Privileges - R.C. 4510.22 (First Offender with Interlock) - State Fee$2.50
Driving Privileges - R.C. 4510.22 (First Offender with Interlock) - Local Fee 
Driving Privileges - Amendment/Modification/Reissue$10.00
Expungement/Record Sealing ($50.00 State Fee/$50.00 Local Fee)$100.00
Fee for Bail Bond (FBB) Upon Conviction$25.00
House Arrest$50.00
Jail Commitment (Charge Upon Original Issuance)$10.00
Juror Fee$30.00
License Forfeiture - BMV (BMVF)$30.00
NRVC Cancellation Fee$30.00
Payment Plan - Modification/Extend Deadline$15.00
Photocopy Fee$0.10 per page
Pre-Sentence Investigation (PSI)$75.00
Reschedule Jail Report Date or DIP$30.00
Restitution Paid Through Court5% surcharge
Subpoena (Issue)$10.00
Vacate ALS$50.00
Warrant Block Court$30.00
Warrant Fee$50.00
Witness Fee (Day)$12.00
Witness Fee (Half Day)$12.00
Exhibit C
Court Costs Civil$100.00
Court Costs Civil Small Claims$75.00 plus $10.00 for each additional defendant
Court Costs Civil Forcible Entry$208.00 plus $10.00 for each additional defendant
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