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Compliance / Restitution / Community Service

Restitution is a court order that looks to restore justice when a youth commits an offense that creates a loss for another. Paying for the damage or loss addresses both the youth’s accountability and compensation for the loss.  The order is made after a restitution investigation has been completed and an amount has been agreed upon by the parties. At the time of the order, an amount and a time frame for payment is established. The Restitution Coordinator will monitor the case for compliance. Compliance to the order will help the youth to understand the financial and emotional consequence that his/her behavior has created. This understanding should reduce his/her risk of recidivism.

Community Service
Community Service is a court order in an unruly or delinquent case that provides another graduated sanction for the youth in our community. It provides a meaningful opportunity to contribute to the community in order to take ownership for their actions and learn responsibility. The youth will be set up with an appointment on the first Tuesday after the order is made. At this appointment the youth is assigned to a site in the community that is willing to provide a supervised and therapeutic intervention with the goal of reducing recidivism.

Juvenile Court makes orders in unruly and delinquent cases that should assist the youth and family in addressing needs that may be a barrier to their success. The youth needs to complete the orders to gain any benefit from the service. The Community Control Officer will actively monitor their compliance. When an order is made in a case, they will be scheduled for a Compliance meeting in 90 days. This gives the youth and family time to engage in or complete treatment or programming. On the day of the order, they are given the date of their compliance meeting but informed that if they have successfully completed the order they are to call the Community Control Officer and they will not have to attend their scheduled meeting.

If the youth has not complied with the order, the Community Control Officer will offer the youth and family assistance at that scheduled meeting. They will also be informed of the potential consequences of not completing the court order; including further court action.