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Home Detention

Home Detention is a contractual form of home supervision featuring strict house arrest, monitoring for compliance of the rules and appropriate sanctions for violations. Youth who have been arrested on a complaint of delinquency are admitted into the program in lieu of remaining in the Detention Center pending further court action. 


Youth placed on Home Detention are allowed to live at home, attend school, work, and attend court ordered programs. They are seen frequently during the day, late evening, weekends and holidays. Contacts are made with parents, schools and other agencies that have involvement with the youth. Different aspects of Home Detention include House Arrest with Electronic Monitoring, House Arrest, Probation Monitoring and Curfew.  


The Home Detention Staff has been trained in best practices of community supervision, Motivational Interviewing and the Carey Guides. Their daily contact with the youth encourages behavior change. The staff becomes a community agent of change with the goal of helping the youth reduce their risk of recidivism.

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