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  1. How can I file for emergency custody?

    Local Rules of Court – Erie County Court of Common Pleas – Juvenile Division

    A copy of the Local Rules of Court can be found at the Sandusky Public Library located just to the south of the Courthouse.

    The rules can also be found online as follows:

    - Read or print our Juvenile Division Local Rules of Court
    - The first form directed to will have a box in the middle to tell you the accompanying forms. Check form numbers in the Appendix on pages 21 & 22 and write down the form numbers you need.
    - Once you know which forms you need, go back to “Juvenile Court Rules and Forms” and complete and/or print the forms.

    You should consider obtaining the services of an attorney.

    If you do not have a personal attorney you may want to consider contacting the Erie County Bar Association to get a consultation or reference.  Call 419-627-2009

    To contact the Legal Aid Line of Western Ohio call 1-888-534-1432.  You may also apply online at www.legalaidline.org

  2. Can I pay a waiver for a juvenile traffic?

    All juveniles must attend scheduled hearings for traffic offenses.  If you receive a hearing date on your ticket, you may contact the Court (419) 627-7782 as we do our own scheduling.

  3. What do I have to do if I cannot appear for hearing?

    If you are scheduled for a hearing for contempt or imposition of sentence, we will not reschedule the hearing.  You must contact your attorney or apply for a public defender  (applications are included in the juvenile rules).
    If you are to report to jail to serve a jail sentence, we will not reschedule the report date.  Please contact the Public Defender’s office on this matter at (419) 627-6620.

  4. What are the filing fees?

     Paternity Complaint$  50.00
     Custody/Visitation Complaint$  65.00
     Support Complaint$  35.00
     Change of Custody/Modify$  65.00
     Motion for Visitation/Modify$  35.00
     Contempt$  20.00
     Miscellaneous Motions$  20.00 
     Copies - per page$      .10
     Certified copies$    1.00
     CD Hearing Audio fee (objections) $    3.00
     Subpoena fee per person $  25.00
     Recording fee $    5.00
     Publication fee$200.00

  5. What do I have to do if I receive a Summons? 

    If you have received a summons to appear, you must come to Court as scheduled.

    Juvenile Summons – Youth and a parent must appear

    Contempt/Impositions – You must appear or risk the issuance of a bench warrant

    Subpoena – Per instructions on the subpoena, contact the person that issued the subpoena as to whether you should appear

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