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It is the County Engineer’s (CE) responsibility to maintain the integrity of the drainage system along county roads, (policy does not pertain to state highways or township roadways). This policy has been established to provide the following services to property owners when pipe is required. In each of the following cases, the property owner is responsible to furnish at their cost, all the materials required to perform the work:

1.   For a driveway entrance onto a county road the property owner is responsible to provide all materials as specified in the “Application for Driveway Permit (Form 125)”. The CE crew will install the reinforced concrete pipe, up to 36” diameter, the  bedding stone for the pipe and stone backfill for the apron.

2.   When a property owner adjoining a county road wishes to enclose the roadside ditch along his/her residential lot, the CE will specify the materials needed, i.e. pipe, stone, catch basins, backfill etc. Once the materials are on-site the highway crew will perform the installation. This service is limited to a maximum pipe size 36” diameter.

3.   If a property owner needs a subsurface drainage outlet and none is available on his/her property other than the roadside system, the owner can apply for a Drainage Tap Agreement (Form 33). If the system that the owner wishes to connect to is not adequate to accept more discharge, permission will be denied. If the system can accept more discharge the agreement may be approved. If approved, the tap location will be specified in addition to materials and conditions. This tap will be into a catch basin located within the applicants’ property lines. If no catch basin exists within the applicant’s property line, it is the applicants’ responsibility to furnish and install a catch basin as specified by the CE. The tap will then be made into the catch basin. In this situation the tap fee will be waived.

4.   When a property owner’s project (per item 1 & 2 above) requires a pipe size that exceeds the diameter limit it is the property owner’s responsibility to hire a contractor to do the installation at his/her expense. Item #2 above will require a plan, stamped by a P.E., from the property owner. The plans and materials require approval by the CE prior to construction.

5.    All projects are reviewed and approved/denied on a case by case basis.

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