Employee Wellness Program

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Erie County understands that employees spend a good portion of their day at work and see the importance of providing employees with well-being programs, services, and health information.

Pillars of Health

Erie County recognizes early detection of serious health conditions is ideal for employees and the County insurance program. Full-time employees on our health insurance plan are encouraged to receive a Wellness Visit each year as a part of the Pillars of Health. Erie County partners with Firelands Corporate Health to administer this program for employees.

Contact Firelands Corporate Health (419-557-5052), your primary care doctor, or Erie County Health Department (567-867-5174) to schedule your appointment.

Fitness Opportunities

Employees have access to an on-site free Fitness Studio equipped with the latest fitness equipment, as well as gym memberships that are eligible to receive a fitness reimbursement. 

Erie County also partners with Tim Dorsey Fitness to provide additional fitness opportunities for employees.

Wondr and WW®

Free to Erie County employees on our Health plan is the Wondr program. Wondr is a skills-based digital weight loss program that helps participants feel better and live stronger. This is offered 4 times a year to County Employees, Spouses, and  adult dependents ages 18 and over on the health plan are eligible.  

Employees are offered WW® (Weight Watchers) discount program through the Medical Mutual as well. Employees save almost 50 percent off the regular cost!


Erie County Board of Commissioners has partnered with BetterHelp to provide you with access to one month of therapy at no cost. Sign Up For Your BetterHelp Benefit Here
If you have any questions about BetterHelp, this benefit, or therapy in general email BetterHelp directly at [email protected].
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