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Safety & Loss Control

Erie County realizes that safety and health is a vital part of all our operations and is an integral part of every employee’s daily duties. The County Commissioners are committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment free from any recognized hazard to all employees. The objectives are to minimize and eliminate exposure to conditions that may result in injury and/or illness to employees.

Although many of our policies are based on OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) standards, the County Commissioners’ purpose is to prevent illness and injury. We believe that each and every employee should leave here each day in the same physical condition as when they arrive.

We also believe the health and safety of each employee is a major responsibility and that all employees must share this obligation, both for themselves and for their fellow workers. It is the duty of all employees to point out unsafe conditions that may cause an accident and to report unsafe conditions to the appropriate supervisor or department head, and by that person to the Loss Control Coordinator.

It is our belief that the recovery period for many injuries are significantly reduced when the injured person remains productive in their workforce. Pending guidance from the injured persons treating physician and available work Erie County, in many cases, provides transitional work allowing the employee to continue to collect wages and earn benefits while reducing their recovery period.

For questions relating to safety and loss control, please contact the Loss Control Coordinator at 419-627-7678.
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