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To get alerts whenever anything is recorded with your name, sign up for our FREE Online Fraud Protection. Put your mind at ease knowing you are being kept informed on any transactions on the property you own in Erie County, OH.

You will need your email address to sign up.


  • Once you get to the site you will verify that you are not a Robot and click I ACCEPT.
  • Then you will click on the box labeled Fraud Protection and click on SIGN UP.
  • Fill in all of the information they ask for during registration. And make sure that when you enter the names you want to be alerted on, you include ALL names or spelling variations that may be used to record a document or that has been used. Include common misspellings of your name and any alias or former name you may have. As well as your spouse or co-owner’s name(s) that is on your deed. And if you have a business name, LLC, or trust name on any property you will want to get alerts for those as well.


You will get an alert anytime something is recorded in our office with your name on it. If you know you have not had anything recorded you can double check to see if it is you or someone with your same name. And if it is indeed fraud you can take action.

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