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Where do I get a copy of my deed?

Copies of deeds and other document relating to real estate can be obtain in the Recorder’s office.  Please contact the Recorder’s office on how to obtain a copy and the cost. All fees charged in the Recorder’s office are set by the Ohio Revised Code.

Are images of document recorded in the Erie County Recorder’s office available on-line? 

Yes, copies of images are available online.  Indexing and images go back to 1990, historic documents prior to that date are being added to the system daily.

Will the Recorder’s office help me prepare a new deed or give me advice on how to prepare a Legal document?

The Recorder and staff are not attorneys and therefore cannot give legal advice.  The responsibility of the Recorder’s office is to record legal documents, ensure they meet the standards set by the Ohio Revised Code, and make them accessible to the public. The Recorder and staff assist the public in locating recorded documents and will provide a copy of the document when requested.


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